Transatlantic eHealth/Health IT Cooperation Roadmap: Annex - Actions and Deliverables

Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
July 28, 2016

Period Covered July 2016 to December 2017[1]


International Interoperability Work-stream




Due Dates

Conduct outreach through SDOs such as HL7 and organize EU/US IPS workshops for patient advocacy groups, SDOs, and physician and health informatics and emergency associations

Organize workshops with key stakeholders through SDOs

Fall/Autumn 2016.

Develop a governance process for IPS updates with the JIC for global SDO health informatics standardization

Deliver draft versions of information structures and associated value sets for IPS components

Draft IPS documents through SDOs

Winter 2016-2017.

Assess the use of SNOMED CT to express clinical problems and procedures in the IPS

SNOMED CT assessment report

Spring 2017.

Share findings with the clinical research and pharma community as well as patient safety and clinical communities

Present initial findings at the EU-US Conference

Spring 2017

Seek endorsement for the social value of the IPS effort with global organizations e.g. WHO, United Nations

List of endorsements

Spring 2017

Initiate pilots to test the use of the IPS, including assessment of alignment between EU and US use of IHE XCPD/XCA profiles.

Pilots testing and demonstrating the use of the IPS

Fall/Autumn of 2017

Deliver IPS training material for eHealth/Health IT stakeholders, especially caregivers and patients

IPS training material for eHealth/Health IT

Fall/Autumn 2017

Investigate possible IPS extensions for public health, registries, rare & chronic diseases

List of IPS extensions

Fall/Autumn 2017


Workforce Development Work-stream




Due Dates

Identify key players – US and EU leaders/champions, experts in education, IT and healthcare, policy and implementation professionals, continuing on the work carried out in the first phase of this work-stream activities

Plan to find key stakeholders etc

Listing of stakeholders/champions

Spring 2017

Maintain a plan of time-bound actions and deliverables to ensure a fully competent eHealth/Health IT workforce is available in the sector

Plan, versioned and with scheduled updates

Spring 2017

Define key terms: domain, setting, skill, competence, level etc. with relevant stakeholders to document the full range of workplace settings in healthcare, to ensure a comprehensive coverage of necessary skills and competences, building on the work done in the Acute Care domain

List of workplace settings

Summer 2017

Consult with relevant stakeholders to determine the full range of roles and levels of responsibility in each domain, building on the work done in the Acute Care domain

List of roles in each setting, EU and US versions

Summer 2017

Compile a comprehensive database of skills and competences to map against domains and roles.

Consult with qualified stakeholders to determine the skills and competences required by each role in each setting, at each level of responsibility

Skill/competence repository

Summer 2017

Plan a phased diagnostic assessment programme, by domain.

Create suitable tools to assess skills

Perform assessment and Gap Analysis and quantify skills gap

Assessment tool

Assessment procedure

Gap Analysis report

Summer 2017

Have a database of suitable courses, of various kinds available for upskilling and filling skills gaps Research current education provision

Matrix of courses with multiple entry levels depending on baseline skill level

Summer 2017


Innovation Ecosystems Work-stream




Due Dates

Set an initial set of tasks, deliverables/outcomes and dates

First phase work plan

By Fall/Autumn 2016

Establish an EU-US working group to identify priority areas for collaboration

Working group

By Fall/Autumn2016

Identify synergies with the Interoperability and Workforce Development Work-streams,

Better integration between the 3 work-streams


[1] The Roadmap activities will cover a longer period (i.e. several years)