Foreign Operations Assistance: Turkmenistan

Fact Sheet
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
December 1, 2015

United States Department of State
Office of the Coordinator of U.S. Assistance to Europe and Eurasia
Foreign Operations Assistance Fact Sheet, December 2015*

Date: 12/2015 Description: FY 2014 Foreign Operations Assistance by Objective--Peace and Security: 23%; Governing Justly and Democratically: 30%; Investing in People: 10%; Economic Growth: 37%. - State Dept Image

U.S. assistance programs promote Turkmenistan’s engagement with the international community and build the country’s capacity to expand trade (including energy exports), and increase prosperity, stability, and security. U.S. assistance programs focus on improving access to outside information; deepening engagement with and meeting standards of regional and international commerce and investment; improving governing capacity through training and technical assistance; and providing access to quality higher education opportunities.

Assistance Activities by U.S. Goals in Turkmenistan:

Advance universal values through capacity development, reforms, and accountable governance

• The United States provides training and short-term technical assistance to executive- and legislative-branch officials to increase their understanding of democratic governance and the importance of civil society and transparency in government decision-making processes.

By Account

FY 2014 Actual

FY 2015 653a




Economic Support Fund



Foreign Military Financing



International Military Education and Training



International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement



Nonproliferation, Antiterrorism, Demining and Related Programs



• U.S. support helps local civil society organizations (CSOs) engage with government institutions on key issues and provide services to vulnerable populations. In addition, U.S. programs provide comparative legal information and offer consultations to nascent CSOs on registration and other topics.

• U.S. education assistance provides intensive college-preparatory classes in essay writing and subject matter covered in the Scholastic Aptitude Test and Test of English as a Foreign Language, which helps prepare participants for the U.S.-style classroom experience. U.S. assistance is also used to provide supplementary scholarships to the most competitive students, and to provide guidance to all program participants on how to finance a U.S.-based education.

Integrate Turkmenistan into regional and global economic markets and institutions

• U.S. assistance provides technical support in the formulation and implementation of macroeconomic reforms, especially those that facilitate privatization and World Trade Organization accession and increased regional trade (e.g., trade policy reform, arbitrage, and mediation).

Turkmenistan’s borders are effectively secured and the country is better able to face extremist and criminal threats

• U.S. trafficking in persons (TIP) programs conduct information campaigns and trainings on best practices that help prevent and combat TIP, and assist in the rehabilitation and reintegration of TIP survivors.

• U.S. security programs support participation by Turkmenistan’s military in bilateral, regional, and multilateral training courses and in other networking opportunities. In addition, this assistance provides English-language training to key Turkmen officers to facilitate their participation in international training sessions and exchanges.

By Objective

FY 2014 Actual

FY 2015 653(a)




Peace and Security



Governing Justly and Democratically



Investing in People



Economic Growth



• U.S. assistance to law enforcement authorities helps to improve the basic interdiction and investigation skills of Turkmen counternarcotics police by providing training and technical assistance. U.S. assistance helps Turkmenistan to adopt strategic trade control licensing practices and procedures needed to bring the country into compliance with its UNSCR 1540 obligations. In addition, U.S. programs continue to provide specialized enforcement training for frontline enforcement agencies, improving Turkmenistan's capacity to detect and interdict illicit trafficking.


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*This fact sheet does not reflect Peace Corps funding or centrally managed or regional Foreign Operations funding that is not specifically budgeted for Turkmenistan.