Foreign Operations Assistance: Belarus

Fact Sheet
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
June 1, 2014


United States Department of State
Office of the Coordinator of U.S. Assistance to Europe and Eurasia
Foreign Operations Assistance Fact Sheet, June 2014*

U.S. assistance to Belarus prioritizes efforts that support the Belarusian people in establishing a government that respects their democratic rights and fundamental freedoms. In the context of Belarus’ restrictive environment, the United States continues to promote the creation of space for the free expression of political views, human rights, the development of a civil society, and freedom of the media. U.S. assistance also helps to expand the private sector in Belarus. Finally, U.S. assistance helps integrate vulnerable populations (including people with disabilities, vulnerable children, and victims of trafficking) into society and builds the capacity of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) providing services to vulnerable populations.

Assistance Activities by U.S. Goals in Belarus

Promotion of civil society, access to information and democratic values

Date: 06/2014 Description: FY 2013 Foreign Operations Assistance by Objective*: Belarus -- Peace and Security = 4%; Governing Justly and Democratically = 80%; Investing in People = 7%; Economic Growth = 9%. - State Dept Image

• U.S. assistance supports NGOs that seek to play a constructive role in addressing civic challenges, and empowers Belarusian citizens by supporting citizen efforts to inform public debate, improve local living conditions, and increase interaction with local government institutions.

• U.S. assistance supports objective information-sharing and promotes public policy debate. In addition, U.S.-funded professional exchange programs strengthen people-to-people relations between Belarus and the United States, and bring international best practices and standards to Belarus.

Private sector development and promotion of market reform in Belarus

By Account FY 2013
FY 2014
FY 2015
Total (in thousand $) 11,001 11,000 9,000
Economic Support Fund 11,001 11,000 9,000

• U.S. assistance strengthens independent business associations and aids entrepreneurs (including in rural areas), expands small and medium enterprises, and promotes legislative and procedural changes needed for free market reforms. Activities funded include web-based business training, entrepreneurship training for youth, strengthening business incubators, and supporting centers for entrepreneurship support.

Support to vulnerable groups and their inclusion into productive social and economic activities

By Objective FY  2013
FY  2014
FY 2015
Total (in thousand $) 11,001 11,000 9,000
Peace and Security 400 424 337
Governing Justly and Democratically 8,755 8,576 6,979
Investing in People 830 500 421
Economic Growth 1,016 1,500 1,263

• U.S.-funded activities combat trafficking in persons (TIP) by addressing underlying poverty and unemployment, especially in border areas and economically depressed regions, by strengthening links among anti-TIP NGOs and building their capacity to provide job training and internships for TIP victims and persons at risk of being trafficked. U.S. assistance also builds local institutions that help vulnerable groups better integrate into the general population, such as orphans and people with disabilities. U.S. assistance builds the institutional capacity of these institutions, strengthens their advocacy skills, and promotes the participation of people with disabilities in decision-making processes.

• U.S. educational assistance contributes to an educational environment that values critical thinking, objective information, and academic freedom.


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*This fact sheet does not reflect Peace Corps funding or centrally managed or regional Foreign Operations funding that is not specifically budgeted for Belarus.