U.S.-Georgia Strategic Partnership Commission:People-to-People and Cultural Exchanges Working Group

The United States and Georgia have increased cultural opportunities for Georgian citizens and society through the People-to-People Working Group. Together, we have dramatically increased the number of Georgian exchange students, while expanding the number of American English-language teachers in Georgia. Overall, nearly 3,000 Georgian citizens have participated in U.S.-funded exchange programs. These efforts are central to Georgia’s future development and economic prosperity.

The Georgian Government has contributed to the process by the significant progress it made in education system reform, launching an ambitious Teach and Learn with Georgia project aimed at increasing the number of English speaking Georgians, and fostering cultural exchanges.

In addition, the United States supports the objectives of Georgia’s State Strategy on Occupied Territories, a strategy and action plan that seeks to promote interaction among the divided populations of Georgia, and is prepared to undertake activities that reinforce those important objectives.