U.S.-Georgia Strategic Partnership Commission: Economic, Trade, and Energy Working Group

The United States and Georgia have worked together to support economic and market reforms, improve business climates, and increase investment opportunities. Economic Working group objectives include the implementation of new unified tax and customs codes, promotion of trade and investment opportunities, support for economic freedom, reduction in corruption, and the creation of new energy and transport diversification projects.

The United States supports Georgia’s efforts in diversifying energy supply routes for Europe and welcomes the ongoing and future multilateral projects such as AGRI and Southern Gas Corridor.

Furthermore, Georgia completed its first five-year $395.3 million Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact in April 2011, which was focused on rural infrastructure rehabilitation and enterprise development. MCC's Board selected Georgia as eligible to develop a second compact in January 2011, and since then, MCC and Georgia have been working towards second compact signature. For more information, please visit the Georgia section of MCC's web site, www.mcc.gov.