Travel to Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Switzerland, and Turkey

Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
January 13, 2016

On January 13, Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland traveled to Trakai, Lithuania where she met with senior Lithuanian government officials and attended the annual Snow Meeting on Euro-Atlantic security issues, which brings together key members of the transatlantic foreign policy community.

She traveled to Bucharest, Romania, to meet with senior Romanian government officials to discuss bilateral and regional issues, including security and economic cooperation and government reform efforts.

In Sofia, Bulgaria, Assistant Secretary Nuland met with senior Bulgarian government officials to discuss a range of bilateral and regional issues, including energy security and diversification efforts, defense modernization and cooperation, as well as government reform efforts.

Assistant Secretary Nuland then traveled to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on January 20, for a range of meetings with senior foreign government officials.

On January 22, she accompanied Vice President Biden on his visit to Istanbul, Turkey.


-01/14/16 Interview With Vaidotas Beniusis of the Baltic News Service