Remarks on U.S.-China Relations

Gary Locke
Ambassador to China
Beijing, China
August 14, 2011

APTN and Reuters Soundbite

AMBASSADOR LOCKE: Certainly there are many challenges facing both China and America, but if our people, our business people, our scientists, our students, can really join together, we can solve not just the challenges and the problems facing each of our countries, we can actually solve many of the problems facing the entire world. And I really believe that we have this opportunity, as two great nations, to provide the leadership for the entire world.

The President and the congress have joined together on a path ensuring fiscal integrity of the United States of America. And we note that over the last several days more people are buying U.S. Treasury, so it is a clear indication that investment in the United States is safe and secure, and that the economy, while having its challenges, it is still strong. And that the investment in the United States is to be promoted.

And I can only imagine just how proud my father would be, he passed away in January, but I can only imagine how proud he could be to see his son become the first Chinese American to represent America in the land of his and of his mother's birth.