Remarks Upon Arrival in China

Robert R. King
Special Envoy for North Korean Human Rights Issues 
Remarks at Airport
Beijing, China
May 28, 2011

AMBASSADOR KING: We just arrived from Pyongyang. We are very happy to report that Mr. Jun, the American citizen who was being held in Pyongyang, has been released. We are also delighted that within a day or two that he will be able to be back with his wife and family.

While we were there, our team had three and a half days of very serious and thoughtful talks with the Foreign Ministry. We were warmly welcomed, we were received at the highest levels, and we have discussed a number of issues. We will report back to Washington on our meetings. We did not negotiate or agree to any provision of food assistance. That is an issue that will have to be made in Washington. We still have a field team which is in DPRK and they will not leave until the end of next week. Thank you very much.