Remarks Urging Chinese Government to Consider Immediate Humanitarian Release of Xue Feng

Jon Huntsman
U.S. Ambassador to China
Beijing, China
February 18, 2011

Reuters Soundbite

AMBASSADOR HUNTSMAN:  I'm extremely disappointed in the outcome, although it wasn't completely unexpected. The original sentence was upheld, that of eight years in prison and a 200,000 RMB fine. This has been a long, difficult and painful, painful ordeal for Xue Feng, but not only for Xue but also for his wife Nan and his two kids, Rachel and Alex. We have remained in regular contact with his family. We ask the Chinese government to consider an immediate humanitarian release of Xue Feng, thereby allowing him to get back to his family and his way of life. He is a US citizen and we take this case very, very seriously as we have over the last couple of years.

AMBASSADOR  HUNTSMAN:  I think he expected, exactly what was handed down. I think he was mentally prepared for it. Disappointed of course, disappointed of course, we're all very, very disappointed.