Photo Spray at Top of Meeting With Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan

Photo Opportunity
Stephen W. Bosworth
Special Representative for North Korea Policy 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Seoul, South Korea
January 5, 2011

FOREIGN MINISTER KIM: So you had a good sleep and a good rest over the evening?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: A relatively good rest. I actually did get five or six hours of sleep. I must say that the plane ride over here gets longer every time I make it.

FOREIGN MINISTER KIM: Yeah. And you are leaving this afternoon?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: I am leaving this afternoon for Beijing. Very quick trip – one night in Beijing, then Ambassador Kim and Danny are going back to Washington and I am going on to Tokyo.

FOREIGN MINISTER KIM: Tokyo. You are alone then, right? You go to Tokyo alone, without anyone.

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: They have taken me off the leash that [inaudible]. It is a measure of their growing trust after almost two years. (laughing)

FOREIGN MINISTER KIM: You will be an orphan in Tokyo, then.

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: I know. I will be an orphan. Well, Mary Beth Polley will be with me, so she can watch me.


AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: Anyway, it is good to see you again and to be back.

FOREIGN MINISTER KIM: Yeah, very nice to see you here and welcome. How many reporters at the airport when you arrived here?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: I don’t know. I don’t try to count any more. Several. Many.

FOREIGN MINISTER KIM: It shows that the Korean people are very concerned about the situation on the Peninsula.

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: I can understand that. I hope it also shows that the Korean people are very confident of the very strong relationship that exists between the Republic of Korea and the United States, and are impressed, are reinsured by the very close coordination of policy that we have been undertaking over the last several months.