Remarks Upon Arrival in Incheon, Republic of Korea

Stephen W. Bosworth
Special Representative for North Korea Policy 
Incheon Airport
Incheon, South Korea
January 4, 2011

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: Good afternoon. I am very pleased to be back in Seoul. We are here to consult and coordinate our positions on the way forward in dealing with North Korea. We believe that serious negotiations must be at the heart of any strategy for dealing with North Korea, and we look forward to being able to launch those at a reasonably early time. That is about all I have to say -- we are here primarily to consult and coordinate. I expect to do more listening than talking on this visit. And I will take one or two questions from you.

QUESTION: Is there any concern, Ambassador, from the U.S. position, on the strengthening of rhetoric, the harder line coming from the South Korean President?


QUESTION: Are you coming up with a list of conditions for North Korea to come back to the Six-Party Talks?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: No. I have no conditions in my pocket, no lists in my pocket.

QUESTION: Is there any indication that you are going to get more cooperation or a different position from the Chinese?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: Well, I will let the Chinese speak for themselves on that. I think that by and large we have been working together with them very effectively. That is an important relationship for both countries. I think we share a large number of common interests, around the world and in the region, and particularly on the Korean Peninsula. So we will continue to coordinate very closely with the Chinese as we move forward.

Thank you.