Remarks at Photo Spray at Top of Meeting with Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan

Stephen W. Bosworth
Special Representative for North Korea Policy 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Seoul, South Korea
November 22, 2010

FOREIGN MINISTER KIM: So you arrived yesterday evening?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: Late yesterday evening. Weather problems and I had to come a different route. I came through Los Angeles rather than San Francisco, then I had to go through Tokyo, so I didn’t get here until about ten o’clock last night.

FOREIGN MINISTER KIM: I see. Very tight schedule and you stay just one night in one country. So, this afternoon you go to Japan?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: We are going to Tokyo, and then tomorrow we go to Beijing, and then home.

FOREIGN MINISTER KIM: So you had a good discussion with Ambassador Wi this morning?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: We had a very good discussion. We did not concentrate very much on food, but we had a very good discussion (laughter).

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: No, it is very important at this point that we continue, as we have been, working very closely together – the closest possible coordination.


AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: And we are dedicated to that.

FOREIGN MINISTER KIM: Actually, we warned against this kind of situation even last year. When we proposed Grand Bargain the very big problem was one of the reasons why [inaudible] should have new program there. It is not so new that…

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: No, we have known about this for some time. It is a very unfortunate development, but it is not a crisis.

FOREIGN MINISTER KIM: Yeah, it is not a crisis and anyhow, we need more intelligence and analysis to what is the real nature of the program there. Anyhow, as you said, it is very important to have very close coordination between you and me, and Korea and the U.S., and among our [Six-Party] countries – Japan. We need the same awareness of the seriousness of this program [inaudible].