Remarks on North Korea

Stephen W. Bosworth
Special Representative for North Korea Policy 
Seoul, South Korea
November 22, 2010

AP Soundbite of comments following meeting with South Korean Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan

Transcript of Full Remarks

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: This is not helpful, however, to the joint, jointly agreed goals we have subscribed to in terms of the peace and prosperity and stability of the Korean Peninsula and the region of Northeast Asia.

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH:  We do not at all rule out the possibility of further engagement with North Korea, but we want that to take place under a proper set of conditions and in close coordination with our partners. I do not believe in engagement just for the sake of engagement or talking just for the sake of talking. We have to begin to make progress. And it is fundamental that the North Koreans demonstrate that they approach the dialogue and the discussions and the negotiations with that same measure of seriousness and willingness to actually take hard decisions.

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH:  My crystal ball is foggy, but I would never declare any process dead. It's still breathing and I still think we have, we have hope that we are going to be able to resuscitate it.

SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE BOSWORTH: This is obviously a disappointing announcement. It is also another in a series of provocative moves by the DPRK. That being said, this is not a crisis. We are not surprised by this. We have been watching and analyzing the DPRK's aspirations to produce enriched uranium for some time.