Arrival at Incheon Airport

Stephen W. Bosworth
Special Representative for North Korea Policy 
Seoul, South Korea
September 13, 2010

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: Nice to see all of you, it is good to be back in Korea. I am looking forward to my talks here tomorrow with officials of the Government. I will be meeting with Wi Sung -lac at the Ministry of Unification and others. So I will probably have more to say tomorrow, after I have had some discussions with Korean Government officials. In the meantime, thank you very much and it is nice to see you again.

QUESTION: When do you expect to resume the Six-Party Talks?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: I have no idea at this point.

QUESTION: Why do you think North Korea has been in a conciliatory mood?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: I don’t really want to categorize North Korea’s behavior at this point. I am here for one purpose and that is to consult very closely with our South Korean allies.

QUESTION: Do you have any pre-conditions to resume the Six-Party Talks?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: I don’t want to get into the terms and conditions, or preconditions, or whatever conditions. We will be discussing that and forming a common set of tactics with our Korean friends.

QUESTION: In terms of sinking of the Cheonan, what do they have to do?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: I think I am not going to elaborate on that. There have been plenty of statements on that subject already and again I am not going to comment on what might happen in the future. Ok, thank you all very much.