Remarks Before Meeting With Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan

Photo Opportunity
Kurt M. Campbell
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
Seoul, South Korea
June 17, 2010

FOREIGN MINISTER YU: This shows how important your visit to the South is this time. I really appreciate you coming to Seoul. Flying over the Pacific is not that easy.

ASSISTANT SECRETARY CAMPBELL: Well, Minister, first of all, thank you so much for taking time to meet me and our delegation. I have Ambassador Sung Kim with me, a very able Danny Russel from the White House, and obviously we’re extremely well served by our Ambassador here, Kathleen Stephens. We’re here to make clear our strongest possible commitment of solidarity to South Korea across a range of avenues - diplomacy and political, other steps in the region. I’m very much looking forward to a dialogue with you, Minister, to hear an update from South Korean perspective. But we are determined to show that our alliance is standing very firmly together during an absolutely critical period. We feel very good about the extraordinary leadership that both you and your team and particularly the President has taken. I think President Obama has stated on several occasions that President Lee Myung-bak has managed a very difficult situation with a grace and a care and a maturity and strategic sense which is extraordinary, and we appreciate the chance to continue our strong dialogue and coordination here in Korea.

FOREIGN MINISTER YU: Thank you very much. We are very much satisfied with the [inaudible] coordination at various levels—down from the top levels.