Remarks Upon Arrival in South Korea

Stephen W. Bosworth
Special Representative for North Korea Policy 
Incheon International Airport
Incheon, South Korea
February 25, 2010

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: It is good to be back in Seoul. We are looking forward to very productive and important consultations with the South, the South Korean Government. We are continuing to work very closely together to bring about the re-start of the Six-Party Talks, and I think that U.S. – ROK cooperation has been one of the central elements in this process for a very long time, and we are going to continue concentrating on that. I may have more to say later, but I am going to be meeting here this afternoon, tomorrow morning with Ambassador Wi Sung-lac and other senior officials here in Seoul.

QUESTION: Are there signs that North Korea will come back to the Six-Party Talks?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: Well, I don’t want to speculate on what North Korea will or will not do. We are prepared to resume the Six-Party Talks in the very near future, and we believe that it is in everyone’s interest that that happens. But we will be talking about that in the course of the day.

QUESTION: Do you plan to visit North Korea in the near future?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: I have no plans to visit North Korea.

QUESTION: What are you going to do in South Korea? What are you going to discuss with Wi Sung-lac?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: We are going to discuss the world (laughter).

PRESS: Thank you, thank you very much.