Remarks at the Japanese Ministry of Defense

Kurt M. Campbell
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
Ministry of Defense
Tokyo, Japan
October 12, 2009

ASSISTANT SECRETARY CAMPBELL: Our two sides had an excellent meeting. I want to thank very much the openness, the commitment that the Japanese side demonstrated. We briefed our colleagues in great detail about our plans, our FRF plans in Okinawa. We tried to answer every question, and we agreed that this process would continue. The vice minister will be coming to Washington today, later today, and so we will be seeing him later this week.

I just want to underscore how well this process is proceeding. Both leaders at the highest level – our President, the Japanese Prime Minister – have committed to work on this aggressively in the spirit of a strong partnership, and we hope to have real progress over the course of the next several weeks, in preparation for President Obama’s visit here to Japan in early November.

In terms of the details, I just want to underscore that every specific issue was addressed in great detail, and we’re very pleased at the progress we’re making.

Thank you all very much.