Remarks Upon Arrival in Tokyo, Japan

Kurt M. Campbell
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
Narita Airport
Tokyo, Japan
September 17, 2009

ASSISTANT SECRETARY CAMPBELL: Hi, good afternoon. Congratulations to the new Prime Minister here in Japan. I look forward to meeting with the new members of the DPJ and also my colleagues in the Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry and elsewhere. We’re here as part of a beginning of a process that will take several months of close consultation. We know our Japanese friends are reviewing many things. We want to provide our input and work closely with our allies and partners on so many things - climate change, our shared mutual interest in the nations of the Pacific region, a whole range of things.

On the DPRK, I think as you know, Ambassador Bosworth and Ambassador Sung Kim have been traveling in the region recently seeking guidance and advice in terms of our next steps in terms of diplomacy - not only in the region, but in a larger context. I think we’re still in the process of making some decisions about what the appropriate steps are, the next steps with Pyongyang. I must say, however, though what is absolutely essential is to have solidarity among all the players that there must be a nuclear free Korean Peninsula and that any diplomatic process must be in a Six-Party context. So we’re very firm on that. We very much appreciate the guidance and advice from our partner in Tokyo, and I look forward over the course of the next two days to the closest possible discussions with our Japanese friends. Good to see you all. Thank you very much.