Return to the Process of Denuclearization of North Korea

Philip S. Goldberg
Coordinator for Implementation of UNSC Resolution 1874 
Seoul , South Korea
August 24, 2009

Excerpt from AP video after Ambassador Goldberg's meeting with South Korea's Nuclear envoy Wi Sung-lac at the South Korea Foreign Ministery.

AMBASSADOR GOLDBERG: That our efforts and the efforts to implement this resolution, the efforts to overall is to bring about a return to denuclearization, an end to those missile programmes that are violations not just of the UN Resolutions, but also of the previous commitments made by North Korea within the six-party-talks.

AMBASSADOR GOLDBERG: Our goal is to return to the process of denuclearisation, to talks aimed at the goals that are laid out in the UN Resolution. It's not just the measures that are described in UN Resolution but also the way forward and what the international community has called for which is the return to denuclearization. And if a reduction in tension can lead to that, that would be a good thing.