Remarks by Ambassador Philip S. Goldberg, Coordinator for Implementation of UNSC Resolution 1874

Philip S. Goldberg
Coordinator for Implementation of UNSC Resolution 1874 
Evening Walkthrough, Westin Hotel
Beijing, , China
July 2, 2009

AMBASSADOR GOLDBERG: We just had a very good conversation with our colleagues at the Chinese Foreign Ministry and other agencies. We are here in Beijing in the process of cooperation and collaboration with our Chinese colleagues. We will do the same in other countries. Our objective is full implementation of the UN resolutions on North Korea. We intend to implement those resolutions with the overall goal of returning to a path of denuclearization and non-proliferation in the Korean Peninsula. That was the objective. We had very good discussions and this is an ongoing process to make the resolutions - 1874 being the most recent one - work effectively.

QUESTION: You know that North Korea has recently launched some missiles. What is your view and comment?

AMBASSADOR GOLDBERG: I saw the same press report. I don’t have any details on it. I would wait until we have more details before commenting.

QUESTION: What is the Chinese position on economic sanctions to freeze funds?

AMBASSADOR GOLDBERG: I would leave the Chinese position to the Chinese and allow them to comment on what their position is. I know that the United States’ position is that we want all the various aspects of the resolution to work. It is our intention to fully implement the resolution. As you know there are provisions about various aspects that have been added to give us more ability to affect the situation. Those include economic and financial sanctions with the idea that we should return to a dialogue over denuclearization and non-proliferation. That is the process that is most important. We want to make sure that what we do collaboratively and as a world community helps to achieve that goal. Thanks.