Update on the Six-Party Process

Christopher R. Hill
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
Evening Walkthrough at the Westin Hotel
Beijing, China
February 14, 2009

QUESTION: How was your discussion with Wu Dawei?

ASSISTANT SECRETARY HILL: It was fine. As always, we talked about the Six-Party process, what to do in the coming weeks. I tried to tell him how I see the situation in Washington, how there is a commitment to try to continue this process, but we’re going to need the North Koreans to be serious about some things as well.

QUESTION: Do you have any idea as to verification?


QUESTION: But when is the new U.S. administration ready to have the next round of Six-Party Talks?

ASSISTANT SECRETARY HILL: Well, Secretary Clinton will be here next week and I am sure that one of the issues that she will talk about is the Six-Party process.

QUESTION: It has been reported that North Korea has been preparing to launch a missile, can you discuss this?

ASSISTANT SECRETARY HILL: I don’t want to get into the specifics of what I can discuss, but I think the U.S. position on that is pretty well known.

QUESTION: Is there any information about Mr. Kim Jong Il’s health?

ASSISTANT SECRETARY HILL: No, nothing new - and not because I didn’t ask.

QUESTION: Secretary Clinton talked about resuming the military exchange with China while at the Asia Society. Do you have anything on this?

ASSISTANT SECRETARY HILL: I don’t have anything new on that today, but I think that Secretary Clinton’s words speak for themselves -- that the U.S. is very much interested in getting that process going.

QUESTION: Does that mean that the U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, that there is no more an (inaudible) for military exchanges?

ASSISTANT SECRETARY HILL: Well, as you know, the Chinese responded to the arms sale issue with a suspension of their military exchanges. And you know our view is that the military exchanges are very valuable for both countries - for China and the U.S. -and we would hope that we could get moving on that.