African Affairs: 2011 Other Releases

12/25/11 Violence in Nigeria; Washington, DC
12/22/11 Statement on the Horn of Africa; Washington, DC
12/15/11 Supporting South Sudan's Vision for the Future; Office of the Press Secretary - The White House; Washington, DC
12/01/11 Remarks by the President on World AIDS Day; George Washington University; Washington, DC
11/28/11 USAID and Africa Governance Initiative Statement on the 4th High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness; Washington, DC
11/21/11 Statement from NSC Spokesman Tommy Vietor on Deputy National Security Advisor McDonough's visit to Sudan and South Sudan; Washington, DC
11/18/11 USAID, Ad Council, and GOOD Announce $5,000 Challenge to Raise Awareness for the Horn of Africa; Washington, DC
11/10/11 Statement by the Press Secretary on the Bombings in South Sudan; Washington, DC
11/07/11 Statement by President Obama on the Presidential Elections in Liberia; Washington, DC
10/16/11 Blog Action Day: Highlighting the Devastating Crisis in the Horn of Africa; Washington, DC
10/14/11 Letter from the President Regarding the Lord's Resistance Army; Washington, DC
10/04/11 Statement by the Press Secretary on the Attack in Mogadishu; Washington, DC
09/01/11 US Government Increases Assistance to Horn of Africa; Washington, DC
08/09/11 On the Ground in the Horn of Africa; USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah; Washington, DC
08/08/11 Dr. Jill Biden Arrives in Kenya to Visit Dadaab Refugee Camps, Highlight the Need for Aid in the Horn of Africa; Washington, DC
08/08/11 Statement by the Press Secretary on Additional Funds for the Horn of Africa Famine; Washington, DC
07/09/11 Statement of Recognition of the Republic of South Sudan; Office of the Press Secretary; Washington, DC
07/07/11 Follow-Up Discussion: Global Webchat Connects Youth From Africa to Youth in the United States; Washington, DC
07/06/11 Presidential Delegation to the Republic of South Sudan; Office of the Press Secretary, White House; Washington, DC
06/17/11 Join a Dialogue With Young African Women Leaders; Washington, DC
06/03/11 First Lady Michelle Obama To Visit South Africa and Botswana; Washington, DC
01/27/11 Statement by the President on the Killing of David Kato; Washington, DC
01/26/11 Notice from the President Regarding the Annual Renewal of the Cote d'Ivoire Emergency; Washington, DC
01/26/11 Readout of the meeting of the National Security Advisor with the Delegation from the Economic Community of West African States; Washington, DC
01/16/11 Statement by the President on Sudan; Washington, DC
 Message from the President regarding the annual renewal of the Cote d'Ivoire emergency; Washington, DC