2010 President's Forum with Young African Leaders

Date: 07/20/2010 Description: President's Forum for Young African Leaders Conference, August 2010 © White House Image


"This is a new moment of great promise. Only this time, we’ve learned that it will not be giants like Nkrumah and Kenyatta who will determine Africa’s future… It will be the young people brimming with talent and energy and hope who can claim the future that so many in previous generations never realized.”
– President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama and the Department of State hosted 115 young leaders from 46 sub-Saharan African nations August 3-5 in Washington, D.C. President Obama hosted the keynote event: a town hall for participants in the Presidential Young African Leaders Forum at the White House on Tuesday, August 3. At the town hall, President Obama discussed with the young leaders their vision for transforming their societies over the next fifty years.

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Follow-on Activities to the President’s Forum with Young African Leaders

Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Judith A. McHale announced that the Department of State will carry out activities to continue the partnership and momentum that came out of the Forum. Activities»


Town Hall with President Obama

(Aug. 3): "It’s my great privilege to welcome all of you to this Young African Leaders Forum. You’ve joined us from nearly 50 countries. You reflect the extraordinary history and diversity of the continent. You’ve already distinguished yourselves as leaders —- in civil society and development and business and faith communities —- and you’ve got an extraordinary future before you." Full Text» | Fact Sheet»


Opening Plenary by Assistant Secretary Carson

(Aug. 3): "Diversity, education, economic independence, technology, youth empowerment - infinite possibilities. Together, all of you can make a difference. Together, we can make change."  Full Text»