South Africa

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Secretary Kerry (Sept. 16): "South Africa is playing an increasingly important global role, a very important leadership role on the continent of Africa, and, we are pleased to say, an important cooperative role together with the United States." Full Text» Press Availability»

Death of Nelson Mandela

Dr. Maya Angelou delivers a video message on behalf of the American people in memory of Nelson Mandela.

Secretary Kerry (Dec. 5, 2013): "Madiba’s 'long walk to freedom' gave new meaning to courage, character, forgiveness, and human dignity. He will be remembered as a pioneer for peace." Full Text»
President Obama's Remarks at the Memorial Service»
President Obama's Statement»
DipNote: Mandela Was an Inspiration and a Model»
DipNote: Inspired by the Words of Madiba: Memorializing Mandela Through Poetry»
DipNote: Remembering Nelson Mandela»

South Africa
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