Filled Projects

Date: 02/27/2014 Description: Virtual Fellows Program logo. - State Dept Image

  • American Embassy Cairo:
Strategic Social Media Messaging Using Amplifiers
  • AF Front Office
Boko Haram Insight Project
  • AVC and ISN:
United States Government and Nuclear Disarmament
  • AVC/MNA:
United Nations General Assembly First Committee (UNGA/FC) and Nuclear Disarmament Support
  • DRL/IRF:
Religious Registration and Regulation and Freedom of Religion
  • DRL/NEA:
Boosting Women's Workforce Participation in Mena Branches of Multinational Companies, Particularly U.S. Companies
SADR & Gender Based Violence Initiative
  • DRL/SHM:
Gender Integration Into US Security Assistance
  • DRL/SHR:
Security & Human Rights Literature Review
  • DRL/SHR:
Security & Human Rights Strategy and Policy
Section 508 Compliance Consultant to the COL Program
  • EAP/RSP:
Congressional Outreach Advisory and Planning
Global Entrepreneurship Program Outreach
  • EB/CIP/MA:
Information and Communications Technology Policy and Global Connectivity at the Intersection of Computing Technology
Digital Currencies
Addressing Foreign Diplomatic Mission Banking Challenges
Risk Perception and Decision-making on Food and Agriculture
  • Embassy Addis Ababa:
Supporting Entrepreneurship In Ethiopia
  • Embassy Djibouti:
Political and Diplomatic Implications of Djibouti’s Bilateral Relationships
  • Embassy Lisbon:
Connect To Success - Women's Entrepreneurship Program, Executive Director
  • Embassy Mexico:
Mexico Temporary Worker Pilot
Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict Mediation
  • EUR/CE:
Central European Regional Affairs Advisory Project
  • EUR/WE:
Fueling the Future - a Study of European Energy Security
  • EUR/WE:
German Energy Transformation
  • EUR/WE:
Rise of the Far-Right Parties in Europe and Political Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy
  • EUR/WE:
T-TIP: Separating Facts from Fiction
Foreign Service Institute, School of Professional and Area Studies, Orientation Division
  • INL/CAP:
International Criminal Justice Statistics Program
  • INR/OTR:
Outreach Briefings
  • IO/PRF:
Multilateral Moneyball: Using Data Analysis to Advance U.S. Interests in International Organizations
  • IIP/PL/AS:
Analysis of Program Evaluation Technology for American Space
Social Media Outreach for the Virtual Fellows Program
IT Governance at the Department of State: A Comparative Analysis of Best Practices and Lessons Learned From Top Performing Federal Agencies
  • IRM/eDIP:
  • ISN/MNA:
Increasing the Support of IAEA member States for the IAEA's Safeguards Program
  • J/GCJ:
Office of Global Criminal Justice (J/GCJ) International Justice and Accountability
  • NEA/I:
Iraqi Political and Social Media Monitoring Project
  • OES/ECW:
Evaluating Large Dams
  • OES/ECW:
Remote Sensing for Monitoring Available Surface Water
  • OES/SAT:
Evolving Issues in Space Policy -- Supporting the Development of the Commercial Space Industry
  • OES/STC:
Feasibility Study for a “Global Investor Network”
  • PA/HO/ED:
Visualizing the "Foreign Relations of the United States" Historical Document Series
  • PM/PI:
State-Defense Legislative History Initiative
  • S/SECC:
Climate Change COP 21 Support
  • S/ES
Regional and Global Assessments and Indicators on Conflict, Economic Growth, Development and Power Transition Dynamics
  • S/SRA:
Diplomatic Engagement Semantic Analysis Diagnostics Environment
Joel Nafuma Refugee Center (JNRC) Immigrant Integration
Supporting Small Business and Entrepreneurship Consultant
Supporting Sustainable Economic Development in the Americas