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About eDiplomacy

IRM’s Office of eDiplomacy, founded in 2003, is part of the Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM). The Office of eDiplomacy combines the expertise and experience of Foreign and Civil Service Officers and contract professionals and is divided into three divisions-- the Diplomatic Innovation Division, the Knowledge Leadership Division and the Customer Liaison Division.

VISION: Innovative diplomacy powered by knowledge leadership, superior customer support, and collaborative technology.

MISSION: Advancing diplomacy by providing effective knowledge-sharing initiatives, guidance on the convergence of technology and diplomacy, and first-class IT consulting.

eDiplomacy develops and manages a range of platforms that equip State Department employees with innovative tools for collaboration, an initiative that closely aligns with the Department’s Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR). eDiplomacy’s Diplomatic Innovation Division develops, supports, and advocates for initiatives that provide innovative technological solutions that advance the Department's diplomatic and foreign policy leadership at home and abroad. A primary area of focus for DID is on innovative technology solutions that facilitate engagement and collaboration with specific external diplomatic partners, e.g., other nations’ diplomatic corps, as well as NGO, civil society, business, and academic organizations. The Knowledge Leadership Division leads the Department’s knowledge management strategy and cultivates the innovative use of technology to facilitate collaboration and the interconnection of people and information, with the goal of enabling Department personnel to find and share knowledge anywhere, anytime. Together, the two divisions promote a culture of innovation aimed at strengthening State’s leadership of the foreign policy process at home and abroad. eDiplomacy’s Customer Liaison Division desk officers ensure that the Department’s domestic bureaus and missions abroad have the technological support they need to accomplish their goals.

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