Welcome to the Foreign Service Life Skills Training

The Transition Center (TC) offers employees and their families training for effectiveness in the foreign affairs community and foreign service lifestyle by facilitating transitions throughout their careers. The continuum of training begins with presentations and courses targeting those new to the foreign service life. Some courses are designed specifically for spouses and some focus on children's concerns. 

  • Challenges for Foreign Service Families emanating from their internationally mobile lifestyle, expatriate status, and diplomatic responsibilities are explored and addressed through interactive exercises to elicit audience participation via eight courses.
  • Family Member Employment issues and options overseas as well as in the U.S. are investigated and highlighted. Guidance and information are provided on pertinent regulations, the job search process, resume writing, interviewing, and networking via four courses.
  • Financial and Legal Matters are more challenging to manage for Foreign Service families due to frequent mobility and geographic distance from the U.S. Via four courses, experts provide practical and professional information for contingency planning and making informed decisions about managing legal, financial, and tax affairs while overseas.
  • Foreign Service Children bring their own challenges affecting themselves and their parents. These challenges can be converted into opportunities for both groups given the right approach and training. Four courses are offered.
  • Foreign Service Orientation is designed for employees, family members, and members of household of all U.S. Government agencies sending people overseas.
  • Foreign Service Singles and Families have specific needs and concerns that these five courses try to hear, explore, explain, and find resources for.
  • Going Overseas involves both psychological and practical preparation for adults and children. We offer four courses that introduce all ages to the impact and logistics of an impending international move.

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