Center of Excellence in Foreign Affairs Resilience

Mission: Diplomacy in the 21st century demands effective, creative, and innovative foreign policy solutions. America needs an engaged, flexible, and durable work force to safeguard our national interests. Resilience, the ability to adapt in the face of adversity, is the key.

Vision: Within the next ten years, a supportive inspired and nimble work force will formulate and implement more creative and effective diplomatic solutions.

CEFAR’s Four Pillars:

  • Resilience Education and Training
  • Research and Adaptation
  • Organizational and Mission Support
  • Individual Support


Within the next ten years, members of the foreign affairs community will:

  • Consider resilience to be key to personal and community success
  • Accept that outcomes will be improved if people and teams are more resilient
  • Know how to foster resilience
  • Advocate for resilience needs
  • Devote time and resources to fostering resilience
  • Recognize lack of resilience
  • Accept the benefits of seeking help

CEFAR’s Goals:

  • Resilience Education and Training
    • Create a comprehensive curriculum for resilience training across a full career
    • Maintain Fostering Resilience blog
  • Research and Adaptation
    • Measurement instruments
  • Organizational and Mission Support
    • Webinars and DVCs
    • Customized resilience consultations and training
    • Wellness and Resilience Committee guidance
    • Implementing Resilience course
  • Individual Support
    • Outbrief classes
    • One-on-one meetings
    • Mentoring/Coaching