Reverse Culture Shock - Resources for Managing Logistical Tasks of Reentry


Managing the logistical tasks of returning to the United States takes time and an attention to detail. This page contains helpful resources to assist you in the reentry process.

Department of State Resources

Transition Center's Overseas Briefing Center

Transition Center Training 

The Transition Center Training Division (TC/T) offers over 30 Foreign Service Life Skills courses, several of which specifically help with the transition of moving and reentry. The courses are offered during the day Monday through Friday and selected Saturdays. Some of them are offered free of charge for Department of State employees, their family members, as well as members of other government agencies.

In addition to courses, the Training Division offers a distance learning resource with a section on Reentry to the United States, complete with video interviews of Foreign Service colleagues who have successfully made transitions. Click on the module "Making It Work" and navigate to the reentry section.

If returning to Washington for a tour, consider enrolling in the two-day Mid-Career Retirement Planning Seminar, offered by the Career Transition Center (TC/CTC).

Family Liaison Office (FLO)

Office of Logistics Management - Travel and Transportation

  • Consult the guide It's Your Move that outlines the process for an international move, including pertinent regulations.

Office of Allowances

Additional Resources

The Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW) is a group whose members consist of Foreign Service employees and their family members. The AAFSW offers articles and helpful information to assist with the transition back home.

The Foreign Service Youth Foundation (FSYF) helps kids of the foreign affairs community adapt comfortably to their new life in the U.S., providing them with a community of peers in the same situation and with resources to help with the adjustment. For teens, they offer fun summer activities upon arrival in Washington.

Guide to Washington, D.C. website directory connecting to information on D.C. ranging from arts, business, community, government, living, museums, real estate, recreation, and more.

Tales from a Small Planet contains several Real Post Reports on the Washington, DC area, including: Annandale, VA; Bethesda, MD; Springfield, VA; Vienna, VA; and Washington, DC.

Travel With Your Kids provides tips and information on travelling internationally with children.

Virginia Business online resource for the state's businesses. Includes articles and guides on business sectors, company directory, events, and press releases.

Washingtonian online version of the Washington, D.C., magazine features local dining tips and entertainment listings.

The Washington Post offers the latest news from around the world as well as the D.C. Metropolitan area. Also offers employment opportunities as well as entertainment from across the region.

TCK World: The Official Home of Third Culture Kids offers advice and stories for Third Culture kids

Interaction: Today's Voices for Third Culture Kids and Internationally Mobile Families offers seminars and publications for third culture families and kids, offering the resources to provide the support for mobile families

Families in Global Transition (FIGT) offers resources in cross cultural education and training to support the entire expat family including information-packed conferences and year-round benefits through their membership programs and educational web site.


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