Foreign Service Assignment Notebook: What Do I Do Now?

Updated for 2016!

This expanded e-book resource offers invaluable information and guidance on all aspects of preparing for an international move. Available to ALL employees and family members transitioning to an overseas assignment.

Now available in multiple formats:
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Chapter Outline

  1. Overview of a U.S. Mission
  2. Spouses, Same-Sex Domestic Partners, and Members of Household
  3. Children in the Foreign Service
  4. Eldercare
  5. Resilience for the Foreign Affairs Community
  6. Medical Information
  7. Privileges and Immunities
  8. Transition Center Resources
  9. Bidding Resources and Post Research
  10. Family Member Employment
  11. Education for Foreign Service Children
  12. Preparation Checklist
  13. Traveling with Pets
  14. Electricity, Communications, TV and Internet
  15. Automobiles
  16. Contingency Planning
  17. Packing to Go
  18. Unaccompanied Assignments
  19. CLO and Post Support
  20. Mail and Diplomatic Pouch Services
  21. Household Employees
  22. Safety and Security
  23. Leaving Your Post
  24. Finances
  25. Income Taxes
  26. Allowances
  27. Travel and Leave
  28. Legal Issues
  29. Insurance
  30. Resources and References
  31. Glossary of Terms and Acronyms