Jobs in Think Tanks


American Center for International Labor Solidarity -

American Enterprise Institute -
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American Institutes for Research (AIR) -

Atlantic Council of the United States -

British American Security Information Council -

The Brookings Institution -

Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs -

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace -

The Carter Center -

Cato Institute -
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Center for International Policy -
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Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) -
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Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) -
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Center for the Study of the Presidency -

Competitive Enterprise Institute -
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Council on Foreign Relations -
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The European Policy Centre -

Freedom House -
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Henry L. Stimson Center -

The Heritage Foundation -
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Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace -

The Hudson Institute -
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Institute for Defense Analyses -
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Institute for International Economics -

Institute for the Study of Diplomacy -

International Relations Center -
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Jamestown Foundation -
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Mercatus Center -

The Nixon Center -

Rand -

Transatlantic Policy Network -

Urban Institute -

Washington Office on Latin America -

World Economic Forum -


Columbia University Lehman Social Sciences Library -
• Excellent bibliography of think tank books and resources

infoUSA -
• Provides hyperlinks to many think tanks as well as other directories of lobby and political interest groups; excellent resource

National Institute for Research Advancement -
• Directory of international think tanks with hyperlinks

U.S. Department of State -
• List of think tanks with hyperlinks

U.S. Air War College -
• List of think tanks with hyperlinks

University of Michigan Documents Center -
• Excellent list of think tanks with hyperlinks to each one

World Press Review Library of International Affairs -
• Index of international think tanks and research organizations with hyperlinks

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