International Jobs - Working Overseas


American Citizens Abroad -

The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas -
- Offers a comprehensive list (with hyperlinks) to NGOs and public sector job boards, private sector job boards, and other international career-building websites

Escape Artist -

Expats Abroad -

Expats Unite -

- Offers country career guides on 23 foreign countries and on some U.S. cities.

International Career Employment Weekly -
- Weekly newspaper has 500+ job vacancies. Jobs are listed by function - international development and assistance; international understanding, education, communication, exchange; etc. Includes some jobs in U.S. and a lot overseas.
- Subscription charge reasonable. You can check out some ads for free on the website, but, to see all, you must subscribe.

- Vacancies for U.S. Citizens in the UN and other International Organizations
- Department of State, IO/S/EA, Washington, DC 20520

Jobs Abroad -

Kompass -
- Good for business and company research (covers companies all over the world)

Transitions Abroad -
- Offers "Short-Term Jobs and Summer Work Abroad: Key Web Sites and Print Resources," "Short-Term Work Abroad: Key Employers," "International Jobs and Careers: Key Region-Specific Job Sites," and "International Jobs and Careers: Key Worldwide Work Abroad Portals"

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