Foreign Service Institute

FSI sets American diplomats up for success so they can ensure the success of American diplomacy around the world.

As the U.S. government’s premiere foreign affairs training provider, the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is dedicated to ensuring the career-long learning opportunities required for success in today’s global arena. FSI promotes substantive, regional, and linguistic expertise, leadership finesse, personal resilience and innovative problem-solving. FSI is proud to serve the U.S. Department of State and the entire USG foreign affairs community as a strategic enabler of diplomatic excellence.

FSI is located at the George P. Shultz National Foreign Affairs Training Center in Arlington, Virginia. Situated in a campus-like setting of 72 acres, the Shultz Center is only ten minutes from the main State Department building in Washington, D.C. FSI offers more than 800 courses (nearly 600 on campus and 275 via distance learning platforms) with approximately 170,000 enrollments annually.

The Institute is comprised of four schools and one center: