Protective Intelligence Investigations

The Diplomatic Security Service’s (DSS') Office of Protective Intelligence Investigations (PII) is responsible for coordinating and conducting investigations into terrorist activities and other threats directed against the Secretary of State, Department of State personnel and facilities, designated foreign dignitaries and diplomatic missions in the United States, and all U.S. government personnel, facilities, and interests under chief-of-mission authority internationally.

PII special agents and analysts deploy globally in support of protective operations for the Secretary of State, major political and economic summits and sporting events, as well as supporting protective details for high-level visiting dignitaries. By enhancing the U.S. government efforts to provide tactical-level intelligence to security decision-makers, PII ensures the safety and security of U.S. delegations, facilities, and protectees across the globe.

A significant contributor to the United States Government’s counterterrorism strategy, PII administers both the Rewards for Justice (RFJ) and DSS’s Counterterrorism Liaison programs. Established in 1984, RFJ is one of the U.S. Government most effective tools in the fight against international terrorism. The Counterterrorism Liaison program places DSS special agents on 26 FBI-managed joint terrorism task forces (JTTFs) throughout the United States and in senior liaison positions throughout the law enforcement, intelligence, and defense communities to support the Federal government’s goal of defeating international terrorist organizations. Every year, PII special agents assigned to this program deploy domestically and abroad with our colleagues throughout the counterterrorism community to investigate, assess, and mitigate the threat from these terrorist groups.