Weapons of Mass Destruction Program

The Weapons of Mass Destruction Countermeasures Division provides training and equipment to all personnel falling under the authority of a Chief of Mission in order to assist them in surviving a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) attack. WMD surveys are also conducted to indentify post vulnerabilities and potential decontamination sites.

The program provides a continuing full scope of chemical-biological defensive training worldwide on a 2-year cycle. The program provides first-responder, general escape, and decontamination equipment to all posts and selected domestic facilities.

The WMD program publishes a brochure, Responding to a CBRN Threat...Are you ready? which provides a broad overview of the chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear terrorist threat. Drawing on the lessons learned from the few incidents to date, this pamphlet suggests the basic means of detection, defense, and decontamination. The information is designed to help State Department employees and their families recognize and properly react to a chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear incident both in the United States and while living abroad.

Responding to a CBRN Threat