2016 Diplomatic Security Press Releases

12/23/16 Tracy Resident Indicted for over 30 Counts of "H-1B" Visa Fraud and 2 Counts of Aggravated Identity Theft; Sacramento, CA
12/22/16 Former Portland Couple Pleads Guilty to Fraud and False Statement Charges; Portland, ME
12/21/16 Texas Man Convicted of Visa Fraud and Harboring Illegal Aliens; Sherman, TX
12/21/16 Woman Sentenced for Identity Theft and Theft of Social Security Benefits; Boston, MA
12/14/16 Two Extensive Human Trafficking Operations Dismantled in Major Multistate Takedown; Boston, MA
12/01/16 California Resident Sentenced To 35 Months Of Prison For Starting A Fire At The Chinese Consulate; San Francisco, CA
11/18/16 Baltimore Woman Indicted for Fraud Schemes in Which She Allegedly Returns Stolen Merchandise for a Refund; Baltimore, MD
11/17/16 California Couple Indicted on Human Trafficking Charges Related to Forced Labor of Foreign Nationals Primarily from India; Sacramento, CA
10/25/16 Former Arlington, Texas, Man Sentenced to 72 Months in Federal Prison in Passport Fraud Case; Fort Wort, tx
10/21/16 Dauphin County Couple Charged With Social Security Fraud, Harboring An Illegal Alien And Confiscating A Passport For Forced Labor And Services; Harrisburg, PA
10/17/16 Sharon Man Sentenced for Tobacco Tax Fraud and Money Laundering; Boston, MA
10/12/16 Husband of Former U.S. Embassy Official in Morocco Pleads Guilty to Sexually Abusing Household Staff Member; Washington, DC
10/12/16 North Idaho Man Sentenced for Passport Fraud and Aggravated Identity Theft; Coeur d'Alene, ID
09/16/16 Sudanese Man Sentenced In Manhattan Federal Court To 7 Years In Prison For Bank Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, And Identity Theft Schemes Exceeding $3 Million; New York City, NY
09/15/16 Final Defendant Sentenced in Aggravated Identity Theft and Wire Fraud Scheme; Houston, TX
09/14/16 Two Men Plead Guilty for Their Roles in Identity Trafficking Scheme; Washington, DC
09/09/16 Jamaican Citizen Pleads Guilty to Identity Theft and Theft of Social Security Benefits; Boston, MA
08/25/16 Couple Pleads Guilty to $20 Million Visa Fraud Involving Indian Workers; Alexandria, VA
08/08/16 Ohio Woman Convicted of Conspiring to Exploit Foreign Workers at Minnesota Farm; Minneapolis, MN
07/29/16 California Man Sentenced for Passport Fraud; Sacramento, CA
07/29/16 Idaho Man Pleads Guilty to False Statement in Passport Application and Aggravated Identity Theft; Coeur D'Alene, ID
07/20/16 Previously Deported Mexican National Sentenced For Passport Fraud; Sacramento, CA
07/06/16 North Dakota Man Sentenced To Three Years For Traveling With A Stolen Passport And Aggravated Identity Theft Charges; Charlotte, VA
06/30/16 New York Lawyer and Wife Pay $1 Million Following Conviction on Immigration Fraud Scheme; Burlington, VT
06/30/16 New York Lawyer and Wife Pay $1 Million Following Conviction on Immigration Fraud Scheme; Burlington, VT
06/29/16 Connecticut Woman Arraigned On Charges Of Bank Fraud, Aggravated Identity Theft, and False Statements In Connection With Passport Application; Burlington, VT
06/20/16 Businessman Pleads Guilty to Running International Scheme to Label and Sell Misbranded Drugs; Providence, RI
06/17/16 Irish Citizen Sentenced on Misuse of Social Security Number; Boston, MA
06/03/16 Ashburn Man Sentenced for Sex Trafficking a Child and Sex Tourism Crimes; Alexandria, VA
06/03/16 Brothers Sentenced on Visa Fraud Convictions; Dallas, TX
05/31/16 Jamaican Woman Arrested for Identity Theft and Theft of Social Security Benefits; Boston, MA
05/19/16 North Carolina Man Sentenced To Prison For Passport Fraud; Asheville, NC
05/18/16 Former DEA Supervisory Agent Pleads Guilty To Federal Charge Involving His Personal Use of Free Air Travel; Washington, DC
05/11/16 Florida Man Indicted for Operating Sex Trafficking Enterprise; Washington, DC
05/11/16 Spanish Fugitive Pleads Guilty in Connection with Prostitution Enterprise Operated Out of Florida Hotel; Miami, FL
05/06/16 Bay Area And Nevada Residents Charged With Visa Fraud Conspiracy, Mail Fraud, Witness Tampering, And Related Crimes; San Jose, CA
05/04/16 Previously Deported Foreign National Pleads Guilty to Passport Fraud; Sacramento, CA
04/28/16 Federal Jury Convicts Jacksonville Woman Of Passport Fraud; Jacksonville, FL
04/27/16 Couple Indicted for $20 Million Visa Fraud Involving Indian Workers; Alexandria, VA
04/26/16 Malian National Sentenced Today In Brooklyn Federal Court To 25 Years For Conspiracy To Murder A U.S. Diplomat; Brooklyn, NY
04/13/16 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Charges Against 11 Individuals For Money Laundering Crimes; New York, NY
04/01/16 Two Sentenced in Aggravated Identity Theft and Wire Fraud Scheme; Houston, TX
03/18/16 Korean National Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Identity Theft, Illegal Firearm Possession, Other Crimes; Washington, WA
03/10/16 Dinner Cruise Ship Captain Arrested for Using Stolen Identity; Houston, TX
02/22/16 Woman Convicted of Witness Tampering for Hindering a Federal Investigation into Sham Marriage; Chicago, IL
02/08/16 Texas Couple Charged with Enslaving Servant; Houston, TX
02/02/16 Diplomatic Security Service Announces Passport Fraud Convictions; Washington, DC
01/29/16 North Pole Man Sentenced To Eight Months In Prison For Passport Fraud Committed In Fairbanks; Fairbanks, AK
01/21/16 British Citizen Sentenced to 3 Years Probation, $400,000 Forfeiture for Visa Fraud; Oakland, CA