2013 Diplomatic Security Press Releases

12/30/13 Defendants sentenced in $25 Million Tax Fraud and Drug Conspiracy; Anchorage, AK
12/30/13 Massachusetts Native Named to Head the Boston Field Office of the U.S. State Department's Diplomatic Security Service; Washington, DC
12/26/13 Diplomatic Security Service Arrests Nine for Passport Fraud in California's Central Valley in 2013; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; San Francisco, CA
12/19/13 Man Using False Identity Arrested for Sex Trafficking in Miami and Australia; Miami, FL
12/12/13 Former Teacher Pleads Guilty to Production of Child Pornography and Other Charges Following Federal Investigation; Washington, DC
12/12/13 San Diego Man Who Allegedly Stole Identities of Deceased Children Charged with Indentity Theft, Tax Evasion, False Statements to Banks; San Diego, CA
12/11/13 Eric Bartoli Arrested In Peru After A Decade As A Fugitive; Cleveland, OH
11/26/13 Richmond Man Pleads Guilty To Investment Fraud; Richmond, VA
11/21/13 Hungarian Woman Sentenced to One Year in Prison For Her Role in International Internet-Based Fraud Scheme; Washington, DC
11/19/13 Conviction in 1998 Cold Case Homicide of Peace Corps/Gabon Volunteer Karen Phillips; Libreville, Gabon
11/14/13 California Man Indicted For Passport Fraud And Identification Fraud; Sacramento, CA
11/14/13 Massachusetts Man Arrested for Conspiring to Produce False ID; Boston, MA
11/07/13 Dominican Man Pleads Guilty to Social Security and Passport Fraud; Boston, MA
11/06/13 U.S. Citizen In Cuba Returns To The United States And Is Arrested For 1984 Air Piracy Charge; Miami, FL
11/06/13 U.S. Consulate Official Pleads Guilty to Receiving More Than $3 Million in Bribes in Exchange for Visas; Washington, DC
10/30/13 Indian Corporation Pays Record Amount To Settle Allegations Of Systemic Visa Fraud And Abuse Of Immigration Processes; Plano, TX
10/30/13 Previously Deported Alien Pleads Guilty to Stealing the Identitiy of a Deceased Toddler While Fraudullently Seeking a U.S. Passport; Sacramento, ca
10/22/13 New York Native Named to Head the New York Field Office of the U.S. State Department's Diplomatic Security Service; Washington, DC
10/02/13 Former English Tutor Pleads Guilty to Sexual Exploitation of Children in China and the United States; Washington, DC
09/20/13 Diplomatic Security Special Agent Honored by Government of Albania for Police Support; Washington, DC
09/18/13 Malian National Indicted In Brooklyn Federal Court For Murder Of U.S. Diplomat; Brooklyn, NY
09/13/13 N.J. Tax Preparer Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison for Filing Phony Income Tax Returns and Becoming a U.S. Citizen by Fraud; Camden, NJ
09/03/13 Two Charged in Visa Fraud Conspiracy; Houston, TX
08/27/13 N.J. Man Arrested for Making False Report of Kidnapping of Online "Teenage Girl" to U.S. Embassy; Newark, NJ
08/06/13 Mexican National Pleads Guilty to Making False Statement to Obtain a U.S. Passport; Boise, ID
08/06/13 Two Arrested for Smuggling Counterfeit Viagra; Houston, TX
08/01/13 Djanson Convicted By Jury Of 3 Counts Of Providing False Information; Alexandria, VA
07/25/13 California Woman Indicted Using A U.S. Passport Obtained Through Stolen Identity; Fresno, CA
07/18/13 Six Colombian Nationals Charged with Murder of DEA Agent; Washington, DC
07/01/13 Colorado Man Found Guilty of Human Trafficking and Other Offenses; Denver, CO
06/19/13 'Landlords from Hell' Defendants Plead Guilty to 4 Felonies, Will Receive 4 Years & 4 Months State Prison Sentence; San Francisco, CA
06/14/13 Missouri Man Pleads Guilty to Foreign Labor Violations; Springfield, MO
06/08/13 International Fugitive Wanted for 1979 Chicago Murder Arrested After Landing in O'Hare; Chicago, IL
06/04/13 Joint Terrorism Task Force in Seattle Launches Rewards for Justice Campaign; Seattle, WA
06/04/13 U.S. Foreign Service Officer Charged With Conspiracy; Washington, DC
05/30/13 Sacramento Man Indicted for Passport Fraud, Social Security Fraud,Theft of Government Property, and Aggravated Identity Theft; Washington, DC
05/20/13 McHenry Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening US Embassy Officials in Serbia and Serbians in Chicago Over Visa Dispute; Chicago, IL
05/16/13 INTERPOL Red Notice facilitates arrest of fugitive sex offender wanted in Texas; Washington, DC
05/08/13 HSI Arrests Two Sisters from Mexico Suspected of Lying on US Passport Applications; El Paso, TX
05/07/13 Nationwide Sweep by U.S. Marshals Puts 345 Dangerous Sex Offenders Behind Bars; Washington, D.C.
05/07/13 Treasury Designates Sinaloa Cartel Plaza Bosses; Washington, DC
04/23/13 FBI Top Ten Fugitive Now in Custody; Washington, DC
04/19/13 Massachusetts Man Convicted of Passport Fraud; Boston, MA
04/18/13 San Diego Man Who Stole Identities of Deceased Children Charged with Passport Fraud; San Diego, CA
04/17/13 20 Defendants Charged in Separate Schemes to Defraud Immigration by Posing as Cuban Citizens; Miami, FL
04/12/13 Ten Bay Area Residents Charged With Federal Passport Offenses; San Francisco, CA
04/11/13 America's Most Wanted Fugitive Located in Medellin, Colombia; Scranton, PA
04/11/13 Two Sentenced, Two Plead Guilty in $5 Million Conspiracy to Provide Thousands of Identity Documents to Illegal Aliens; Kansas City, MO
04/09/13 New Jersey Tax Preparer Admits Filing Fraudulent Income Tax Returns and Becoming U.S. Citizen by Ffraud; Camden, NJ
04/01/13 Bakersfield Man Pleads Guilty To Passport Fraud; Fresno, CA
03/29/13 Cupertino Businessman Charged With High-Tech Worker Visa Fraud; San Jose, CA
03/28/13 Pennsylvania Mother Of Three Charged With Passport Fraud; Harrisburg, PA
03/13/13 Diplomatic Security Service Agents Help Locate and Arrest Seattle Fugitive in the Philippines; Washington, DC
03/12/13 Former Fugitive Indicted by a Federal Grand Jury after His Capture in Grenada; Boston, MA
03/12/13 Pennsylvania Couple Charged in Tax Refund Scam Involving Stolen Hospital Patient Information; Philiadelphia, PA
03/08/13 Defendant in Children Charity Fraud Case Pleads Guilty; Grand Rapids, MI
03/07/13 Mastermind of Marriage Fraud Scheme Pleads Guilty; Sacramento, CA
03/05/13 Former U.S. Consulate Guard Sentenced to Nine Years in Prison For Attempting to Communicate National Defense Information to China; Washington, DC
03/04/13 FBI Reunites Children with Mother After 18 Months in Captivity; San Jose, CA
02/26/13 U.S. Department of State Heroism Award Presented to Special Agent Clifton Jeffery; Washington, DC
02/26/13 U.S. Department of State Heroism Award Presented to Special Agent Matthew Perry; Washington, DC
02/15/13 Florida Woman Sentenced to Prison for Obstruction of Justice in Relation to Her Husband's Disappearance; Washington, DC
02/14/13 U.S. Department of State Heroism Award Presented to Special Agent Philip Rand; Washington, DC
02/01/13 U.S. Department of State Heroism Award Presented to Special Agent Christopher Bilodeau; Washington, DC
01/29/13 Dominican National Sentenced to 63 Months in Prison for Leading Role in Identity Trafficking Scheme; Washington, DC
01/23/13 New Jersey Woman Sentenced to 42 Months in Prison for Trafficking the Identities of Puerto Rican U.S. Citizens; Washington, DC
01/11/13 Former State Department Employee Sentenced To 30 Months in Prison for Carrying Out Identity Theft Scam; Washington, DC
01/09/13 Fugitive James Hector Acala Arrested at California Port of Entry Attempting to Re-enter the United States; Salt Lake City, UT
01/04/13 Irish National Sentenced, Faces Deportation Proceedings for Falsely Representing U.S. Citizenship; Providence, RI
 N.J. Tax Preparer Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison for Filing Phony Income Tax Returns and Becoming a U.S. Citizen by Fraud; Camden, NJ