2010 Diplomatic Security Press Releases

12/27/10 Diplomatic Security Service Arrests 12 in California's Central Valley in 2010 on Passport Fraud; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; San Francisco, CA
12/21/10 Douglas Perlitz Sentenced to 235 Months in Federal Prison; U.S. Department of Justice; New Haven, CT
12/15/10 Salinas Task Force Seizes Assault Weapons, Arrests Firearms Traffickers; U.S. Department of Justice; San Jose, CA
12/13/10 Florida Man and 2 U.K. Nationals Plead Guilty In Immigration Fraud Scheme Involving Florida Property Development Company; U.S. Department of Justice; Washington, DC
12/06/10 3 Foreign Nationals Each Sentenced to 23 Months in Prison For Alien Smuggling, Visa Fraud Scheme; U.S. Department of Justice; Washington, DC
11/22/10 Five Kenyan Nationals Indicted For Conspiracy To Commit Marriage Fraud; U.S. Department of Justice; Houston, TX
11/18/10 Three Indicted For Consipiring To Force Labor, Harboring Undocumented Aliens; U.S. Department of Justice; Houston, TX
11/15/10 U.S. State Department's Overseas Security Advisory Council Launches Revamped www.OSAC.Gov ; Washington, DC
11/03/10 Ex-Liquor Control Commission Investigator Pleads Guilty to Aggravated Identity Theft and Passport Fraud; U.S. Department of Justice; Portland, OR
10/29/10 Customs Official Arrested in Philippines ; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
10/22/10 Nigerian Man Sentenced To 102 Months In Prison For Role In Airline Ticket Scam; U.S. Department of Justice; Washington, DC
10/14/10 $55 Million Visa Fraud Results in Convictions For Brazilian Family; U.S. Department of Justice; Orlando, FL
10/14/10 Robert Ryann Woods Pleads Guilty In U.S. Federal Court; U.S. Department of Justice; Billings, MT
10/07/10 Man Sentenced For Using Fake Diplomatic Tags; U.S. Department of Justice; Washington, DC
10/05/10 Concord Businessman Charged with High-Tech Worker Visa Fraud; U.S. Department of Justice; Oakland, CA
09/29/10 Florida Child Sexual Battery Fugitive Returned from Western Samoa; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
09/29/10 Three Colombian Nationals Plead Guilty to Alien Smuggling and Visa Fraud Charges; U.S. Department of Justice; Washington, DC
09/01/10 Rewards for Justice Program Offers Up To $5 Million For Information On Terrorist Suspects; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
08/30/10 Diplomatic Security and U.S. Private Sector Security Experts to Ring Stock Exchange Bell; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
08/23/10 California Woman Sentenced for Alien Smuggling Scheme; U.S. Department of Justice; San Jose, CA
08/19/10 Arrests Made in Alleged Sex Trafficking Operation; U.S. Department of Justice; Houston, TX
08/19/10 Diplomatic Security Helps Locate U.S. Child-Rape Suspect in Peru; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
07/22/10 Three Colombian Nationals Extradited to the United States to Face Alien Smuggling and Visa Fraud Charges; U.S. Department of Justice; Washington, DC
07/21/10 Florida Health Care Operator Accused of Medicare Fraud Caught in Costa Rica; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
07/16/10 Former State Department Official Sentenced To Life In Prison For Nearly 30-Year Espionage Conspiracy; U.S. Department of Justice; Washington, DC
07/15/10 DS's "Operation Death Match" Snares British Impostor at BWI; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Baltimore, MD
07/08/10 Chicago Man Indicted On Multiple Fraud Counts; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Chicago, IL
07/08/10 Maryland Man Arrested, Charged in Passport Fraud Case; U.S. Department of Justice; Baltimore , MD
07/01/10 15 San Francisco Bay Area Residents Charged With Federal Passport Offenses; U.S. Department of Justice; San Francisco, CA
06/30/10 More than 100 Stopped at California Ports of Entry for Passport and Visa Fraud ; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; San Diego, CA
06/29/10 Diplomatic Security-Led Investigation Foils Fraud Ring Targeting U.S./Canadian Travel Agents; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
06/23/10 DS Special Agent Honored With Award for Law Enforcement Public Service; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
06/23/10 Diplomatic Security Locates, Helps Return U.S. Fugitive From Costa Rica; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
06/17/10 2 NYC Employees Plead Guilty To Theft of Birth Certificate Information, Welfare Recipients' Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards; U.S. Department of Justice; New York, NY
06/12/10 U.S. Attorney, Secret Service, Diplomatic Security Investigate and Prosecute Identity Theft Cases; U.S. Department of Justice; Boise, ID
06/07/10 Former U.S. Official Pleads Guilty to Abusive Sexual Contact, Possession of a Firearm While Unlawfully Using a Controlled Substance; U.S. Department of Justice; Washington, DC
05/28/10 Diplomatic Security Special Agent Appointed to International Law Enforcement Post; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
05/26/10 DS Special Agents Honored for Bringing "America's Most Wanted" Fugitive to Justice ; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
05/21/10 DS Assists in Arrest of Virginia Suspect on Resisting Arrest, Firearms, Narcotics Charges; U.S. Department of Justice; Norfolk, VA
05/21/10 DS Seeks Information on True Identity of Suspect; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Seattle, WA
05/20/10 Two Arrested in Texas on Visa Fraud Charges; U.S. Department of Justice; Houston, TX
05/14/10 Six Indicted for Conspiracy to Commit Marriage and Benefit Fraud; U.S. Department of Justice; Houston, TX
05/13/10 California Man Indicted on Passport Fraud, Agravated ID Theft, Felon In Possession of Firearm Charges; U.S. Department of Justice; Sacramento, CA
04/15/10 California Woman Sentenced to Five Years Imprisonment For Forced Labor of Domestic Servant; U.S. Department of Justice; Oakland, CA
04/09/10 Alaska Man Gets Four Years in Federal Prison for Identity Theft; U.S. Department of Justice; Anchorage, AK
04/02/10 Diplomatic Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Help Locate and Return a Missing Idaho Boy; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
04/01/10 Diplomatic Security Special Agent Named as a Federal Law Enforcement Foundation 'Investigator of the Year' Recipient; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
03/30/10 Paso Robles Couple Arrested for Recruiting and Harboring Fillipino Nationals to Work in Elder Care Homes Under Abusive Conditions; U.S. Department of Justice; Los Angeles, CA
03/24/10 7 Members of Identity Fraud Ring Indicted in Manhattan; U.S. Department of Justice; New York, NY
02/23/10 Georgia Man Sentenced For Impersonating Federal Agent; U.S. Department of Justice; Atlanta, GA
02/23/10 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges 22 Members And Customers Of Identity Fraud Ring; U.S. Department of Justice; New York, NY
02/18/10 Massachusetts Woman Indicted On Fraud Charges; U.S. Department of State; Boston, MA
02/12/10 U.S. Fugitive Returned From Mexico Makes Appearance In Sacramento Court; U.S. Department of Justice; Sacramento, CA
02/01/10 U.S. Citizen Arraigned On Passport Fraud Charges; U.S. Department of Justice; Honolulu, HI
01/23/10 Most Wanted Fugitive Surrenders After Manhunt Moves To Vietnam ; Allegheny County Sheriff's Office; Pittsburgh, PA
01/22/10 Virginia Man Sentenced To 75 Months for Elaborate ID Theft Scheme; U.S. Department of Justice; Alexandria, VA
01/21/10 Massachusetts Man Sentenced For Making False Statements in Passport Application; U.S. Department of Justice; Boston, MA
01/15/10 Jury Convicts Nigerian Defendant For Immigration Fraud And Identity Theft; U.S. Department of Justice; San Francisco, CA
01/14/10 Portston, Inc. Executive Sentenced For Foreign Worker Visa Scheme; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; San Francisco, CA