Protective Liaison Division

Diplomatic Security Special Agent badgeDiplomatic Security special agents assigned to the Protective Liaison Division provide security assistance and guidance to the foreign diplomatic corps in the United States. Through its close working relationships with foreign mission security officials, and federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities, the division responds quickly and effectively to all problems, questions, and concerns of the foreign diplomatic community.

Security Assistance to the Foreign Diplomatic CommunityA special agent ,right, consults with a Canadian Royal Mounted Police officer ,left,.
Within the State Department, Diplomatic Security has the primary responsibility to ensure that protection is extended to all foreign officials and their missions across the United States. DS' Protective Liaison Division coordinates this protection and related services.

Special agents in Washington, DC, and field offices throughout the United States are available 24 hours daily to provide liaison services and security assistance to all foreign officials residing in the United States. DS provides protection to foreign missions through agreements with federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities. The Protective Liaison Division works closely with the U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division to provide foreign missions with protective security.

With the Office of Foreign Missions, the Protective Liaison Division offers briefings and seminars, specialized training, and consultation on a broad range of security-related topics to ensure the safety and security of foreign missions and their personnel.

The Protective Liaison Division is eager to maintain the full confidence and cooperation of all resident foreign officials and to provide the maximum protection possible. The Protective Liaison Division may be contacted in Washington, DC, at 202-895-3600 during normal business hours. Afterhours and emergency notifications can be made 24 hours daily to the Diplomatic Security Command Center at 571-345-3146 or toll free at 866-217-2089.

Foreign embassies and consulates located outside the Washington, DC, area should contact the DS field office located nearest to their mission.

Please Note: Any foreign mission requiring immediate emergency assistance of any kind should first call the local police, fire, or ambulance service before contacting Diplomatic Security.