Before an Unaccompanied Tour

The Department provides a number of resources and services that may be helpful when an employee is considering bidding on an unaccompanied post.

Contact Information Form – We don’t know who you are unless you tell us. Anywhere in the world, employees, family members, and friends of an employee on an unaccompanied tour can receive regular communications from FLO with available resources, programs, and services. Email to request a Contact Information Form.

A Decision Tree – a tool to help you decide where to live during an unaccompanied tour. – for all questions you may have in preparation for your unaccompanied tour.

WorkLife4You (formerly IQ: Information Quest) – the Department of State’s contracted resource and referral service for employees and their family members. Use WorkLife4You to find resources on home services, schools, eldercare, and legal and financial services. For login information, contact us at

FLO’s Employment Team – email FLO’s Employment Team for guidance on family members seeking employment in the Washington, D.C. area.

Sesame Workshop – Provides children with support and practical education with Talk, Listen, Connect, an outreach initiative to help kids through deployments, combat-related injuries, and the death of a loved one.

For information on EFM employment at UT posts, please contact the following:

  •  Afghanistan – Kabul: 1) Bureau email address:
                                             2) Post email address:  
  • Pakistan – Islamabad: 1) Bureau email address:  
                                               2) Post email address:
  • Iraq – Baghdad: 1) Bureau email address:  
                                   2) Post email address:  

“Making Sense of Unaccompanied Tours: Insights for Couples” - DVD about keeping relationships strong during the separation of an unaccompanied tour. Copies are available at the Overseas Briefing Center at FSI, FLO offices in Washington, DC, or by request through

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