UT Medals and Certificates of Recognition Program

Date: 02/17/2012 Location: Family Liaison Office Description: Child wearing UT medal of recognition © Private CollectionTo recognize the sacrifice that children make while their parent is serving a high-risk unaccompanied tour, the Department of State's Family Liaison Office distributes Medals and Certificates of Recognition to children age 0-21. All Foreign Affairs Agency (Department of State, Commerce, Agriculture, USAID, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors) employees serving Permanent Change of Station or long-term TDY assignments at the posts designated "unaccompanied" or "limited accompanied" are invited to participate. Eligible Foreign Service, Civil Service, and LE Staff employees are encouraged to submit nominations.

If you would like for your child to receive a medal of recognition please follow the instructions below.

As a way to publicly recognize and increase awareness of the sacrifices made by the families of those serving at unaccompanied posts, parents/guardians might want to ask the Principal of their child's school, a Scout leader or other community figure, or Mission personnel to present the medals and certificates. We encourage post participation to present the medals to the children, if requested by parents.

All of us at the Department recognize the great contribution you and your families are making to achieve the mission and goals of the Foreign Service, and the burdens and stresses this places on your children in particular. We hope the presentation of the Medals and Certificates of Recognition will in some small way let them know their sacrifice is appreciated and reaffirm the proud tradition of the Foreign Service.

How to Participate in the Program

Nominate your child to receive a certificate and award recognizing their sacrifice.  Eligibility requirements: Employee must be from a Foreign Affairs Agency and serving at a UT designated post for at least 6 months and child must be employee’s daughter/son/step-child up to age 21. To nominate your child contact:  FLOAskUT@state.gov.

To learn how one family recognized their child in their community please click here.


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