After an Unaccompanied Tour

For employees returning from an unaccompanied tour, the Department provides the following support services.

Certificates & Medals of Recognition –  honors children for their sacrifice during absence of parents (Foreign Affairs Agencies).

Deployment Stress Management Program - Managed by the Bureau of Medical Services, DSMP offers prevention, intervention, assessment, treatment, counseling, education and referral services covering the spectrum of the pre-deployment cycle through after reintegration.  

Mandatory High Stress Post Outbrief at FSI – three hour outbrief held at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) for employees returning from challenging assignments, mandatory for all employees serving 90 days or more in Iraq and Afghanistan

Employee Consultation Service (ECS) –  ECS offers free, confidential counseling with professional clinical social workers to Department of State employees and family members.


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Information provided by the Family Liaison Office
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