Education Allowances

Before going overseas, parents should be familiar with the education allowances available to Foreign Service families. These allowances are intended to provide Foreign Service children with an education comparable to the education they would receive at a public school in the United States. The Family Liaison Office encourages you to bookmark this page and check it periodically for updates.

Education Allowances - DSSR 270

Education Travel - DSSR 280

Table of Allowances - Section 920

  • The Table of Allowances provides education allowance amounts for "school at post" and "school away from post" allowances at the appropriate grade levels. Choose a country from the drop down menu and then click GO. A table will appear. Under Education Allowance, click VIEW. Choose your post, and view the current allowance by appropriate grade level. Please use the above resources to verify what the education allowance can be used towards. If you have questions, email us

For more information on the Education Allowance, contact the Office of Allowances. Education allowance specialists can answer questions pertaining to schooling allowances, special education and supplemental education allowances, and eligibility requirements.

Office of Allowances
Room L314 SA-1, Bureau of Administration
U.S. Department of State Washington, DC 20522-0103
Phone (202) 261-8700
FAX: (202) 261-8707; (202) 261-8708

FLO Weblinks for Education Options for Foreign Service Children (K-12)

Choices for High School: IB and AP
Education Allowances
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