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Summer Programs at Boarding Schools


  • WorkLife4You - WorkLife4You (formerly IQ:Information Quest) is the Department of State's information, resource and referral service for dependent care, personal health and well-being. They can develop a personalized list of summer camps for members. All permanent Department of State employees and their family members are eligible to use the service. WorkLife4You is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For login information, contact FLO at, or contact WorkLife4You directly at (866) 552-4748 / TTY: (800) 873-1322. Other USG agencies also subscribe to WorkLife4You's programs - check with your work/life office.
  • ADDitude – Annual guide to camps and schools for children with learning differences.
  • Summer 365 - Find a list of advisors committed to finding the best summer experience for your child.


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