List of Important Documents to Hand Carry

This list of papers and documents should be hand carried during any move. Keeping them in a portable file box or on computer disks makes them easy to collect in an emergency as well as for a scheduled move. Many Foreign Service families are now carrying lap top computers with them when moving so that records are available instantly. Laptop computers, combined with a phone link, also provide for instant email access.

Employment Records
Personnel Action forms (SF-50s)
Resumes and sample cover letters
Up-to-date copies of government applications
Recent Earnings and Leave statements
Performance Evaluation Reports
Honors, awards, good performance citations
Transcripts from colleges and universities
Letters of recommendation
Letters verifying community service
Credentials, licenses, verifications for skills
Writing samples
Names and addresses of personal references
Copies of security clearance forms
Names of contacts for job search network
Copy of transfer orders

School Records for Each Child
All transcripts from previous schools
Copies of standardized test scores
Profiles/brochures from last school
List of textbooks used in last grade
Recommendations from principals, counselors, teachers
Copies of representative student work

Financial/Personal Records
Medical/dental records, prescriptions, immunization cards
Birth, naturalization, and marriage certificates
Driver's license, auto insurance, title, and registration
Personal checks, registers, bank statements
Credit cards, bills, and financial records
Contact information for doctors, dentists, and lawyers
Household effects inventory
Household goods insurance policy

Information provided by the Family Liaison Office
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