Portable Employment Options

Education as a Mobile Profession

In addition to full-time contracts with American and/or international schools, certified teachers can work as substitute teachers, tutors, or ESL instructors. EFMs should be aware that the salary package for local-hire teachers overseas is sometimes lower than for staff recruited internationally.

To find out about the various opportunities and more in-depth information regarding teaching overseas, see the FLO's Teaching Overseas webpage.

Information on international recruitment can be found on the Office of Overseas Schools website.

Self-Employment / Teleworking

FLO recognizes the many challenges associated with family member employment and supports alternative employment options such as self-employment and teleworking. Always notify the principal administrative officer of your intention to work and use U.S. Government housing for your business.

For further information on resources, regulations, and work permits for self-employment please review the, Self-Employment Guide. FLO can also provide a list of family member home-based business/freelance ideas, a listing of resources for working virtually, and information on portable legal careers and guidance for teleworking while overseas, please email FLOAskEmployment@state.gov for these resources.


This material is specific to Foreign Service Employees and thier families. 


Information provided by the Family Liaison Office
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