Post Evacuation

Foreign Service employees and family members are encouraged to read the following materials to familiarize themselves with personal preparedness and evacuation resources. For more information, please contact the Family Liaison Office at (202) 647-1076 or 1 (800) 440-0397 or email

Attention evacuees: To receive information pertinent to your post's evacuation status, please provide the Family Liaison Office with your contact information, including email address and phone number.

Key information and resources for Before, During and After an evacuation. NOTE: The Evacuation Cable becomes the primary authority for any evacuation, as each one is unique.

Before an Evacuation

GSA Travel Charge Card 
Personal Preparedness Plan: Prepare for an Unexpected Departure from Post (pdf)
72 Hour Emergency Kit (pdf)
GO Bag (pdf)
Single Parents & Tandem Couples with Children (pdf)

Choosing Your Safehaven:

During an Evacuation

Evacuation Benefits Overview and Allowances
Resilience Strategies for Evacuees
Long Distance Relationships and Separated Tours: When Couples Live Apart

After an Evacuation

Returning to Post
When Family Members Do Not Return to Post
Employee is Converted to PCS Orders

Information provided by the Family Liaison Office
Contact the Family Liaison Office