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The quality of schooling available to one's child is one of the most important factors Foreign Service parents consider when choosing an assignment. When the bid list comes out, it is wise for families to explore the schooling options at all of the posts under consideration, including the Washington, D.C. area.

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Education Options for Foreign Service Children


For Adults


Bouncing Back: Transition and re-entry planning for the parents of Foreign Service youth (FLO’s newest online publication) offers parents practical guidance for FS parents on re-entry planning for their Third Culture Kids. FLO’s Education and Youth Team created Bouncing Back as an updated and revised edition of their original transition and re-entry publication According to My Passport I’m Coming Home.

The Office of Overseas Schools (OOS): The mission of the Office of Overseas Schools is to promote quality educational opportunities at the elementary and secondary level for dependents of American citizens serving the U.S. Government abroad. For more information about the school options available at your next post, please visit the Office of Overseas Schools website.



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