Pasi, Geeta - Republic of Chad - April 2016



SUBJECT: Ambassadorial Nomination: Certificate of 
Demonstrated Competence -- Foreign Service
Act, Section 304(a)(4)

POST: Republic of Chad 

CANDIDATE: Geeta Pasi 

Geeta Pasi, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, class of Minister-Counselor, currently serves as Director of the Human Resources Bureau’s Office of Career Development and Assignments at the Department of State, a position she has held since 2014. As a former Ambassador to Djibouti, Ms. Pasi has extensive experience working closely with host governments on security, public messaging and counterterrorism. She also has proven to be an outstanding leader and manager, as well as an expert on the challenges faced by developing countries in Africa. This background makes her an excellent candidate to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Chad. 

Ms. Pasi served as Ambassador to Djibouti from 2011 to 2014. Before that, she served as Director of the Department’s Office of East African Affairs, Bureau of African Affairs (2009-2011), Deputy Chief of Mission at U.S. Embassy Dhaka, Bangladesh (2006-2009), and Deputy Principal Officer at U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt, Germany (2003-2006). Ms. Pasi also served as Afghanistan Desk Officer in the Office of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh Affairs, Bureau of South Asian Affairs (2001-2003), Political Officer, U.S. Embassy New Delhi, India (1998-2001), and Political-Economic Officer, U.S. Embassy Accra, Ghana (1995-1997). Before that, Ms. Pasi served as a Line Officer in the Department’s Executive Secretariat (1994-1995), Desk Officer for Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso in the Bureau of African Affairs, and Consular and Political Officer at U.S. Embassy Bucharest, Romania (1991-1993). After joining the Foreign Service in 1988, Ms. Pasi served as Political-Economic Officer at U.S. Consulate Doula, Cameroon.

Ms. Pasi earned a B.A. from Duke University and an M.A. from New York University. She has won numerous Department of State performance awards. Her languages are French, German, Hindi, Romanian and Russian.