Office of Directives Management

The Office of Directives Management manages a number of Department programs including

  • Directives Program – articulates and collects the Department’s organizational and functional policies, standards, and procedures in the Foreign Affairs Manual and associated Handbooks
  • Centralized Business Forms Program – designs, publishes, and archives the Department’s forms, ensuring private information is protected and that the Department is in compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA)
  • Rulewriting Program – reviews and clears Department rules; acts as liaison between the Department and the Office of Management and Budget
  • Information Collection Program – oversees Information Collection standards, coordinates with program offices on submissions to the Office of Management and Budget, ensures the Department is in compliance with the PRA
  • Federal Register – approves and submits all Department notices, delegations of authority, Rules and Information Collections to the Federal Register for public notification.
  • Delegations of Authority – maintains delegations of authority to the Secretary of State and for the Department

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